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Corpus Leonardo by PEMA Woodcarvings

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This corpus has a bit more complex design, which is especially evident in the cloth around Jesus waist which appears to be blowing in the wind. The Leonardo corpus is carved entirely of wood (no plastic / no resin) and beautifully hand-painted. 

Includes the corpus (body of Jesus) and the INRI plaque to be placed above His head. These pieces can be affixed to your own cross. Many of our customers choose to source a cross locally or build and stain themselves to preference. Customers may select their own wood type and grain for the cross locally. Very beautiful crucifixes have been made by our customers with these corpuses. 

Various finishes available

Painted - Corpus is painted with fine oil paints. 

Natural - Corpus is left with a natural wood finish. 

3x Stained - Corpus is painted with various shades of stain as pictured.

Wax Gold - Corpus is edged in gold and then covered with a protective coating of wax. 

Please note that most of these variations are not stocked. Average delivery time will be two to four weeks on these pieces.

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