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PEMA Infant Jesus and Manger (separate) - Watercolor

PEMA Infant Jesus and Manger (separate) - Watercolor

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This beautiful carving of Infant Jesus and Manger (separate) is available in a 3", 3.5", 5", 6", 9", 12", or 18" scale. This is the watercolor version of this carving.
Each piece is painstakingly created and painted by skilled artists and woodworkers in the world's most famous woodcarving region.
    We do not stock all variants, sizes and finishes listed on our website. Woodcarvings not in stock can normally be acquired within two to four weeks. Certain circumstances may cause a particular woodcarving to be delayed longer. If you need a piece to arrive quickly, please email or call regarding availability.
    PEMA Article 795004

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