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Processional Crosses - Crucifixes - by PEMA Woodcarvings

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Each processional crucifix includes the heavy wooden base, pole, and cross/corpus. These wood crucifixes are designed to be carried in processions on Holy Days, or to be carried into the sanctuary at the start of the worship service by a crucifer. The crucifer may recess with the cross during the closing hymn. Church custom dictates whether or not the processional cross will be carried to the center of the church for the reading of the Holy Gospel. In some congregations this style crucifix is not regularly carried into the sanctuary, but stands next to the pulpit or in another conspicuous place to point us to Christ. 

These units are beautifully hand made and painted in the vivid tradition of the Val Cardena carvers. Each wooden processional cross is a uniquely constructed piece of art carved and crafted by skilled Italian artisans. 

Each style processional cross is available in three sizes:

Baroque Processional Cross Sizing: 

  • The 75" unit has a 9" corpus on 22" cross.
  • The 81" unit has a 12" corpus on a 28" cross.
  • The 87" unit has a 16" corpus on a 34" cross. 

Bowed or Straight Processional Cross Sizing

  • The 74" unit has a 9" corpus on 21" cross.
  • The 79" unit has a 12" corpus on a 25" cross.
  • The 87" unit has a 16" corpus on a 33" cross. 

All Processional crosses are available either with the Leonardo or Siena style corpus. Customize your processional cross by selecting from the drop down menus. 

If you prefer to order a natural or stained finish corpus; rather than the color finish pictured here, please contact us. We can send a custom invoice. We guarantee best prices on this authentic artwork.

Speak with your parish pastor about offering a donation of art to beautify the house of the Lord. 

Please plan on as much as three to four weeks processing time on processional cross orders. 

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