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US Retailer of Sofrino Russian Icons

Posted by Isabel Quinn on

Sofrino, Russia is a small community located about an hour north of central Moscow. This locality is the source of the beautiful Icons of the Russian Orthodox Church admired throughout the Christian world. The locality of Sofrino houses the main arts “factory” of the Russian Orthodox Church which is said to employ thousands of artists and laborers.  Russian Orthodox Icon Factory Sofrino Russia

The productions of Sofrino extend far beyond iconography to a vast array of religious artwork, vestments, paraments, candles, candelabras, crosses, communion ware, altars, and other church goods.  

Our website is continually being updated with new icons from Sofrino. As a US retailer for the Arts-Industrial Enterprise of Sofrino, we are glad to make these beautiful forms of Christian art available to the American market. We look forward to helping you acquire any of their products

To take a look at our collection of Sofrino Icons, please visit

For further information, please contact us at, by visiting our contact page, or by calling 844-352-9697.

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