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The Sizing of Nativity Woodcarvings

Posted by Isabel Quinn on

The Scale of Nativity Carvings

Nativity carvings are scaled to the height of Joseph. When you purchase a Nativity set scaled at 5 inches, Saint Joseph will be 5 inches tall. Other standing human figures will be about the same height. The Infant Jesus will be sized accordingly, so that He is much smaller than 5 inches and sized realistically for an Infant. Small animals (sheep, goats etc.) will be much smaller than 5"; while large animals (camels, elephants, etc.) will be taller than 5". 

Please note that most Nativity carvings are initially measured in centimeters, so that sizing is converted to inches and then rounded to the nearest inch. 

 Buying Additional Pieces

Often customers are confused by how to purchase add-on pieces for their initial Holy Family set. When you purchase additional pieces to add to your collection, be careful to purchase those which are scaled the same. A wise man scaled at 4", will look inappropriate when sitting next to the Holy Family scaled at 5". 

If you are unsure of what size to purchase, measure your Joseph figure and shop accordingly. Again, the height of Joseph is key!

We are Here to Help

If you need help understanding which Nativity series or size you have, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you!




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