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Kostner Nativity by PEMA Woodcarvings

Posted by Isabel Quinn on

The Kostner line of Nativity carvings is PEMA Woodcarvings most popular series. These heirloom quality carvings will be treasured for generations to come. Each carving is skillfully fashioned and then painted by gifted artisans. Well over 130 individual pieces are available.

Kostner Nativity Set by PEMA WoodcarvingsAuthentic Christian Gifts can help you secure those custom pieces you are looking for to complete or add to your collection. We guarantee the lowest prices available. Contact us at or via phone at 844-352-9697 (please leave us a voicemail and we will shortly return your call!) with your custom order needs.

Among the Kostner pieces available are the following: 

001 KO St. Joseph

002 KO St. Mary

004 KO The Infant Jesus loose with manger

005 KO The Infant Jesus loose

006 KO Manger

007 KO Manger simple

008 KO King Caspar

009 KO King Balthazar

010 KO King Melchior

011 KO Ox-lying

012 KO Donkey

014 KO Gifts of the Three Kings

015 KO Boy with sheep and lantern

016 KO Boy with goat

017 KO Shepherdess with boy

018 KO Shepherdess sitting with child

021 KO Shepherdess with butter church

022 KO Woodcutter

023 KO Shingles splitter

024 KO Pair of angels

026 KO Camel driver

027 KO Pair of children

028 KO Girl kneeling

030 KO Boy with bucket

031 KO Shepherdess for well

033 KO Shepherd with feeding

034 KO Shepherd kneeling with 2 lambs

035 KO Shepherd with sheep

036 KO Shepherd at the camp-fire

037 KO Gloria Angel

041 KO Cow looking right

042 KO Cow looking forward

043 KO Calf

044 KO Farmer

045 KO Cow Grazing

046 KO Shepherd with 2 sheep

047 KO Female water carrier

050 KO Driver

051 KO Elephant Driver

052 KO Came driver kneeling-watercup

054 KO Boy with sheep in his arm

055 KO Boy with well

057 KO Shepherd with 2 goats

058 KO Shepherd lying

059 KO Shepherd

066 KO Female wood carrier

068 KO Angel proclaiming Birth

069 KO Angel pointing way

070 KO Guardian angel with girl

071 KO Guardian angel with boy

072 KO Boy with trumpet

076 KO Boy with spitz (dog)

078 KO Shepherd with horn

080 KO Shepherd sitting-pointing

081 KO Bench for shepherds

082 KO Shepherd sitting with sheep

083 KO Shepherdess with girl

084 KO Shepherd sheep shoulder

085 KO Boy milking

086 KO Boy with wheelbarrow

087 KO Shepherd with wood

088 KO Roman soldier

097 KO Well

098 KO Camp fire

099 KO Comet

103 KO Piglet standing

104 KO Piglet lying

105 KO Pig

118 KO Ram with bucket

119 KO Ram looking left

120 KO Ram looking right

121 KO Rooster

122 KO Hen standing

123 KO Hen eating

124 KO Hen sitting

156 KO Spitz (dog)

157 KO German Shepherd

160 KO Group of Rabits

162 KO Cat

163 KO Cat standing

164 KO Group of geese

165 KO Dove

166 KO Pair of doves

167 KO Group of ducks with jug

170 KO Camel

171 KO Camel with luggage

172 KO Camel lying

176 KO Horse

178 KO Deer

180 KO Elephant with luggage

181 KO Elephant

182 KO Luggage for elephant

185 KO Donkey with wood

187 KO Donkey with cart

188 KO Donkey for cart

189 KO Cart

190 KO Kid

191 KO Pair of kids

192 KO Goat head up

193 KO Goat grazing looking right

194 KO Goat with kid

195 KO Kid lying

196 KO Goat lying

197 KO Goat with bell looking left

198 KO Goat short hair

199 KO Goat lying with 2 kids

210 KO Billy goat

215 KO Goat with bell looking right

252 KO Sheep lying looking left

253 KO Sheep lying looking right

253S KO Sheep black lying looking right

256 KO Sheep grazing looking left

257 KO Sheep grazing looking right

257S KO Sheep black grazing looking right

258 KO Sheep going with bell

259 KO Sheep standing head up

259S KO Sheep black standing head up

260 KO Sheep standing looking forward

261 KO Sheep standing looking left

262 KO Sheep standing looking right

264 KO Sheep standing with bell

266 KO Sheep scratching

267 KO Sheep kneeling

272 KO Sheep lying with lamb

274 KO Sheep grazing with lamb

276 KO Group of Sheep

279 KO Sheep with lamb standing

282 KO Lamb lying looking left

282S KO Lamb black lying looking left

284 KO Lamp jumping

286 KO Lamb Standing

289 KO Group of lambs

All of these carvings are available in a variety of sizes and finishes. 

We are eager to help you with your custom order!




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